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    Service Parts at Autobits Motorstore, Armagh, Northern Ireland

    Need new service parts for your vehicle? We have hundreds of air filters, fuel filters, oil filters, spark plugs, glow plugs and other service parts alike in our auto shop – Autobits Motorstore.

    Now you really can source and shop all of your service parts all in the one place – call us a one-stop-shop if you will! Keep your engine, radiator and fuel lines clean from debris with a new air filter, fuel filter or oil filter. Whether your vehicle is diesel or petrol, Autobits Motorstore have the spark plugs and glow plugs you need to keep your engine humming!

    If you are in need of new spark plugs fill in our car parts checker form and a member of our team will find the right spark plug for your vehicle. Spark plugs connect the ignition to the engine and comprise an integral part of the combustion engine. Don’t wait around – without functioning spark plugs, not a lot will happen when you turn the key. Spark plugs can fail over time and the ideal maintenance is to replace them with each car service.

    You can now find even more service parts like headlights, rear lights, ignition leads and distributors online with us. Make car servicing a walk in the park with new, high-quality service parts from Autobits Motorstore. Keep your vehicle running like a dream!

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