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    Steering and Suspension Parts at Autobits Motorstore, Armagh, Northern Ireland

    Get back into business with hundreds of new shock absorbers, steering and suspension products from Autobits Motorstore! While steering and suspension may seem like two worlds away, the reality is that you need both in working order to operate either system.

    Improved shock absorbers, suspension springs, PAS pumps and steering improvements make for a smoother ride that handles the road better and increases all-round comfort levels of both driver and passenger. While your vehicles’ subframe takes care of evenly distributing its weight and keeps your vehicle alignment tight, allowing you to steer with precision everytime.

    PAS Pumps use hydraulics to transfer any gentle movement from your veichle steering wheel to the tyre wheels on the road. At Autobits Motorstore, we stock PAS Pumps that help to amplify the signal from steering wheel to tyre, for a secure and precise drive.

    Every part of your steering and suspension systems within your vehicle plays a vital part in keeping you in control. Though due to vehicle age, misuse and general wear and tear, steering and suspension of vehicles often suffer the most. If you’re in need of new steering, shock absorbers, bushes or suspension springs, shop with Autobits Motorstore online today.

    At Autobits Motorstore you will find all the car parts you require to keep your vehicle in great shape. Regardless of whether you want to carry out your repairs or maintenance at home or just want to keep a handle on the cost of your car’s annual service by sourcing parts yourself, you’ll find everything you need from Autobits Motorstore –  car parts Armagh, Northern Ireland.

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