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Keyless Car Theft- What it is & How to Prevent It!

Keyless car theft (relay theft ) occurs when criminals use a transmitter to amplify the signal being emitted from the genuine key inside the owner’s house to reach the vehicle outside.

This allows the vehicle to be unlocked and driven away in seconds. Several makes of vehicles have been targeted.

The following steps can be taken to reduce the risk of this theft:

1. In the house, store keys away from accessible doors and windows, inside a Faraday pouch (search RFID security for products).

2. It may be possible to disable the keyless entry function.  Check your owner manual or seek advice from your local dealer if required.

3. Use physical security measures such as steering wheel locks or wheel clamps to compliment your vehicles own security.

4. Ensure that basic security measures, such as checking the doors and windows are secure, are always done.

5. Where possible, park vehicles within a secure garage covered by CCTV ( used the CCTV motion Alert settings).

If you see or hear anything suspicious, please call the police immediately on 999.

Source: PSNI Armagh 

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