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Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitiser and Vehicle Fires

There has been recent reports of the potential fire risk in vehicles, caused by alcohol-based hand sanitiser when left in vehicles in the hot weather. Although alcoholic hand sanitisers are potentially flammable, however there would need to be a spark to start a fire. To be safe, you should store them out of the heat, …

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How to decode your dashboard lights?

Get to Know Your Dashboard Lights! Has a warning light ever popped up on your dashboard that you weren’t sure of? Many warning lights indicate that a fault has occurred inside the vehicle’s system, but it doesn’t pinpoint the item or system that has failed!  Check out our handy Dashboard decoder via the pdf below. ***Always refer to …

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How to get your car winter ready!

Tips and Advice- How to get your car ready for winter With winter approaching, a few minutes’ maintenance could see your motor through the worst the weather has to offer. 1. Get your car serviced If your car is due a service, get it done before the winter. While the cold can cause lots of problems …

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How to care for your Pneumatic Sander?

How do you care for your pneumatic sander? Here are some great tips provided by Mirka Ltd  a world leader in surface finishing technology: ✔️ Oil regularly ✔️ If available use an FRL (filter, regulator and lubricator) unit. Otherwise, add two drops of oil through the air inlet by pressing the lever and running the machine …

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Child Car Laws in the UK

Using a child car seat is a legal requirement in the UK. Rules can be confusing, so we’ve pulled together everything you need to know so you don’t get pulled over and fined. Rear-Facing Seats From birth until age 2 or until your child reaches the upper weight limit of their rear-facing convertible seat. (For …

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