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How to decode your dashboard lights?

Get to Know Your Dashboard Lights! Has a warning light ever popped up on your dashboard that you weren’t sure of? Many warning lights indicate that a fault has occurred inside the vehicle’s system, but it doesn’t pinpoint the item or system that has failed!  Check out our handy Dashboard decoder via the pdf below. ***Always refer to …

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How to care for your Pneumatic Sander?

How do you care for your pneumatic sander? Here are some great tips provided by Mirka Ltd  a world leader in surface finishing technology: ✔️ Oil regularly ✔️ If available use an FRL (filter, regulator and lubricator) unit. Otherwise, add two drops of oil through the air inlet by pressing the lever and running the machine …

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AngelWax Vision (Glass Cleaner)

Top 10 Car Detailing Tips

Top Ten Car Detailing Tips At Autobits Motorstore, we stock a large range of professional cleaning and detailing products to help keep your car bright and shiny as new. See below some basic guidelines supplied from our product suppliers. Dry Glass surface in Two Directions- One direction for interior/Opposite direction for the exterior. This will …

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