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Top 10 Car Detailing Tips

Top Ten Car Detailing Tips

At Autobits Motorstore, we stock a large range of professional cleaning and detailing products to help keep your car bright and shiny as new. See below some basic guidelines supplied from our product suppliers.

  1. Dry Glass surface in Two Directions- One direction for interior/Opposite direction for the exterior. This will help you identify and tackle those annoying streaks.
  2. Don’t forget to clean your window jambs before you start. Excess dirt and product can build up and cause unwanted smears.
  3. Research the products you are using on your car! And as simple as it sounds be sure to follow the manufacturers guidelines for the product!
  4. Apply wax with a power buffer but remove wax only with a soft dry cloth.
  5. Speaking of cloths- always make sure you keep your wash and dry cloths separate. Remove any tags or labels to avoid scratching. Whilst sponges are still popular, we recommend you use microfibre clothes that offer lower friction and greater efficiency for fast effective washing and rinsing.
  6. Use the right equipment- We recommend you invest in a dual action polisher which will ensure your car has a smooth even finish.
  7. Brush carpet first with a stiff nylon brush to dislodge stubborn dust and dirt before vacuuming.
  8. Used compressed air to blow out your vents and freshen up the smell of the car. A can of compressed air can help remove dried up muck and dirt.
  9. Wash your car when bodywork is cool and out of direct sunlight. Don’t forget to wash the door, boot and bonnet shuts where excess dirt can gather.
  10. When drying car use an absorbent microfibre towel to avoid excess watermarks.


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Top 10 Detailing Tips

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